Money Mentors

As an Alberta-based credit counselling and financial education agency, Money Mentors helps Albertans get out of debt, manage their money, and plan for retirement.

As part of a recent rebranding effort, Money Mentors was looking to update their online presence with a bespoke website. The website didn't just have to be custom but also rich with relevant content that is easy to find and accessible from any device.

In addition to helping users find relevant information, the site also needed to serve as a tool for the staff and for users. The site was built in a CMS that allows staff to update content easily. A custom booking portion of the site was also developed that reduces strain on employees by allowing users to create bookings on their own time. Multiple avenues were also built into the site that make it easy for someone looking for help to reach out with minimal information and routes notifications to the appropriate staff in order to best serve the customer.

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